One! Singular Sensation!

“To be lonely is a state of mind, something completely other than physical solitude; when modern authors rant about the soul’s intolerable loneliness, it is only proof of their own intolerable emptiness.” – Out of Africa, 1937. Isak Dinesen. Aka Karen Blixen-Finecke

The house is quiet now. This caused me to feel a bit sad as my adventures from now are by myself. Upon reflection on a hike, however I realized this is what I set out for and am doing such amazing things. I came to realize that loneliness is really all in your head. I like my own company and always have. Choosing to explore the world and do it alone is part of what makes me myself! And so, the loneliness faded away and I began to sincerely enjoy my adventures. Really, visiting a foreign land, something as simple and mundane as grocery shopping can be a huge adventure! And that is what this time in my life is about. Today, I spent the day hiking today and then enjoyed an onsen (hot spring bath). Enjoying a meal riverside afterwards, the server – a lovely older Japanese woman questioned me three times about being in Japan from Canada by myself. I felt only delight and pride from this. 


Enjoying a solo lunch
 Absolutely, I hope to find a partner to travel the world with and share life and adventures with. In the meantime, it’s just me, baby! And I am having a blast!!!


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