Should I stay or Should I Go?   In search of the waterfall

Tuesday morning I woke up with an irritating cough that’s been bugging me since just before I left Canada.  I asked myself if I should stay around home or go hiking.  It was a gorgeous day so I did a few things and packed tea for my throat and headed out. Back to the same place, Settsukyo, in search of the elusive waterfall.  It was an easier walk as it was a little cooler and I knew my way this time.  Still, enjoyed the little backroad and saw a lot more cute Japanese pickups, being a weekday – these trucks which I like to think of as farmer trucks now.  I hiked up towards the summit, enjoying myself thoroughly.   At a point where the path is narrow and to my right was almost straight downhill and to my left almost straight uphill but there were lots of trees though not too much underbrush so it wasn’t super dark, I heard something scurrying down the hill.  It left a cloud behind t and tussled the bushes a fair bit.  I wasn’t sure if it was a wild boar or a huge rock, so I clapped my hands in case of a porcine encounter!  Hmmm. Each time I clapped, it went further down the slope.   Then I heard and saw an old man on the path ahead coming towards me stomping his staff on the ground (Japanese Gandolf!).  The unseen bushwhacker continued way down the hill and out of hearing distance.  In my limited Japanese, I asked the man if it was a big stone.  He didn’t answer.  I asked big stone or big pig?   He said big pig!!!   We told each other to be careful a huge amount of times and parted ways!   Ah ha.  Boar encounter and I survived!  Yay!   Kind of excited I had this little opportunity. 

Headed on my way and stopped at the top again. The lookout was just as beautiful and I snapped a few pics of the view of Takatsuki and me wearing a lovely sling back pack my Hillcrest work Board had given me as a parting gift.  
I moved on and luckily did catch the sign for the waterfall and headed on the way to it.   Truly minor detour but beautiful!    Glad I got to see it.  It’s not huge but lovely and the surrounding area is just a great place to get some good exercise and my much needed taste of nature. Afterwards, I stopped in at a little fancy Italian restaurant at the start of the park called Kitchen Snug.  Amazing food and lovely service.   
So glad I got to find it and I will be back. It’s an easy morning stroll to get to from Shin and Katie’s house.  

Here are some pictures.  Lots of stairs still!   Haha

Cut up photos were scattered in one area of the trail. I wondered if it was closure for somebody after a death or breakup
Takatsuki city from Settsukyo hike
Rough life!
My favourite. The stairs
Snapper soup, tuna Bruschetta and tomato mozza and basil
didnt know what the basket was for but some hikers came in after me and apparently its to put your personal items in.
Outside Kitchen Snug was a mirrorball. The restaurant hosts wedding parties sometimes

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