Osaka Adventure

I was super excited to have the opportunity to go into Osaka with my beautiful and amazing hostess Katie on Wednesday. We took the train – fun! The electronic hanging display boards at your platform indicate a shape – on the ground below your feet, there are white lines to follow for lining up. Its all very orderly. So if you are meant to be in the line for the triangle, find the triangle line on the ground. So smart, Japan, so smart!  


Queueing at Takatsuki Station
Train Attendant/helper
Thanks Katie! So grateful
First Train Ticket
 The train station in Takatsuki feels like the Sapporo station – lots of shops, but still quite spacious. The Umeda Osaka station, our destination, was significantly larger than Sapporo – great experience. Inside and around the station are so many shops, and so many I am familiar with.


Our first stop was to Yodobashi Camera. I was excited to go when we anticipated our visit, but had an in-my-face introduction of the way it is that I`d forgotten upon entering. It’s a very stimulating place – people calling out, tvs and stereos blaring, displays have audio, too! Auditory input overload! And visually – the ceilings are quite low and there are signs hanging everywhere, and bright coloured displays. I felt like I imagine an autistic person to feel in every day life – auditorily and visually assaulted, really! It was too much. We both finished our business and I felt a huge sigh of relief when we went out into   

 the muggy hot day! (Who knew the hot humid sweatiness of Osaka would be favoured over an air conditioned store?!?! .. actually I`m not seriously complaining yet – its been great) One other thing to note – they have pocket wifi – you buy this little device and then you have wifi wherever you go! Super handy! Japanese are always so technologically advanced with these amazing inventive toys! Love it.

Portable Wifi
 The city is lovely with green space and of course the tall buildings with so many different things on each level! Osaka is also famous for some ferris wheels which I had a glimpse of – can you see one in the picture? 


Osaka City
I liked this living wall

I re-experienced a Japanese toilet in one of my fave stores, Loft… the English instructions were helpful, although I did notice that the music option was missing. Generally these super toilets have a medley option where it plays noise to avoid anybody else in the toilet hearing embarrassing sounds in the loo. The tall walls and door allow complete privacy, and this particular toilet even had a toddler seat to help children just learning to use the toilet. In another public toilet I smiled again at the ingenuity of the sink that had built-in automatic sensor-activated water, soap, AND a dryer! So clever! I bet they come to Canada in the next five years or so! 

Japanese Super Toilet Control Panel
Love the toilet training helper

It was a quick visit but felt great – I plan to go again on Sunday for some social time, so it was great to have a local show me the ropes.  


I was delighted on the way back to get a good picture of the huge Meiji chocolate bar statue – Meiji makes some amazing chocolate covered almonds that I remember, so the chocolate bar was not only unique, it was reminiscent of a yummy snack.  

Giant Meiji Chocolate Bar… if only it was real!!!

So glad I got to go with Katie!   Thanks you amazing woman you!!!

またね。 (See ya!


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