Exploring and some Reuniting

Its been a busy few days with lots of walking and exploring Takatsuki in the Osaka area. My first purchase with my yen was a vending machine drink of salt and lychee.   Seriously too sweet and I had another drink today called Mitsuya Cider.  Both times it was warm and I wanted to quench my thirst.  Today I have vowed to reach for the awesome Japanese cold tea from now on.  The hot humid climate is starting so down with the Pop-like drinks. 

Seriously though yes…  Vending machines are everywhere.  So far I have only seen drink machines and cigarettes but I anticipate some interesting ones as well.   It’s hot and humid here so it is really a blessing for me as it’s been sweaty and sticky walking around.  There are many just in front of random houses and today I wondered to myself who put them there and if perhaps the family did and gets a profit from it.  I will have to do some investigating to get an answer to that question!

Vending Machines are everywhere!!!

 Also reunited with the bento box.  For the equivalent of about $6 I had a delicious bento that lasted me two meals from a placed called Hokka Hokka bento.  Very nice fast food and reasonable prices.   
Hokka Hokka Bento Box. A huge lunch of delicious love

Every Wednesday the farmers in a neighbourhood just down the hill from us have market outside the library.  I won’t be able to go tomorrow but looking forward to it in future Wednesday’s.  

Wednesday Farmers Market: 8-11
I am finding some of my kanji knowledge and vocabulary is coming back.  It wasn’t that strong to begin with but what I did have ten years ago is definitely making an appearance!   I was able to make the convection oven/microwave work and even could tell what milk at the grocery store.  Very helpful indeed. Can read important information on some signs as well such as figuring out the times and day of the Farmers market. Yippee.   

The exploration continues as I discovered a “pocket park” ….  Just a place with a water fountain and a few benches and beautiful trees.  Fabulous idea.  I will keep my eyes open for more in other neighbourhoods

I have to tell you the water fountains are in all parks and they are a bit difficult to use.   You have to be careful or you get a mouthful of water (lovely and refreshing, truly!)….  Or you wear it or get your leather birks soaked.  The water goes straight up and most of the taps are sensitive and have to be held very steadily to avoid major soakage!!!   

Neighbourhood “Pocket Park”

So… A little taste of my explorations, more to come!   

またね。(See ya)


3 thoughts on “Exploring and some Reuniting”

  1. Deb! how exciting for you! your blog took me back, I miss the vendi’s 🙂 the green tea and the hot coffee in a can that use to warm up my hands in the cold hokkaido winter 🙂

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  2. Loving reading your blog Deb! It brings back such great memories of our shared times in Japan. I’m so in awe of your adventurous spirit.
    All the best, lookin forward to your next instalment.

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