Arrival!   ようこそ!

I have arrived in Takatsuki, Osaka, Japan!   I am Based here for the next two months.   My flight was direct from Vancouver to Osaka and it was great.  We flew over the North island of Japan, Hokkaido.  I lived in Ishikari City in Hokkaido for three years teaching on the JET Programme from 2002 to 2005.   How lovely to see Hokkaido from the air as it is beautiful and brought back lovely memories. 
Our approach of Osaka showed a large city but just bordering it is huge amounts of green space.  Trees everywhere.   A hikers heaven I guess!   Can’t wait to explore
I was warmly welcomed by the Toda family: Katie, Shin, and their two boys Keiden (3) and Kaison (2).   They graciously picked me up at the airport and drove me home!   
First impressions are that the look of this city is different than that of Hokkaido.  Streets tend to look like Jpanese neighbourhoods in movies: narrow streets wind through the town enveloped by large, beautiful homes with sloped special tiled roofs and little gardens with very cool trees.  The homes look like shrines to me with their funky tiles, entry gates, compact car parks and the family name plaque on each driveway or entry way.  

Well….   Off to socialize and then likely an early bedtime today.   Hoping to avoid the jet lag as I did not sleep on the plane and drank lots of water.  

Sayonara!  さよなら。 

Approaching Osaka. Copious trees then city!

The airport is on a man-made island
Love the roof and gardens
Like the movies… street view
Trees have a different look than Canada
Buzzer with video option and Family Name plate
Another home example.
View of another street
Street views take III

3 thoughts on “Arrival!   ようこそ!”

  1. Great to hear. It brought back my own memories of us arriving in Tokyo all thise years ago. The wall of humidity that hit us at the end of July when everytime we left the hotel…like yesterday! Enjoy you new first days!

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