Airports are so great.  What a place of excitement reunions and adventures to come or had.   Sitting in the Victoria airport I am so grateful to be travelling myself this time.  I love going to the airport but it’s even more fantastic if you get to go on a plane yourself!!   As wonderful as it is to be welcoming or saying “see you later” to a friend or family member, nothing beats the anticipation and  

 the travel experience as getting to board yourself. 
 I have become a bit of an anxious traveller so my goal today is to be calm cool and collected. I think I got off to a great start yesterday when I left my work for the last time.   I came out to my car on a hot day to find my mom’s can of Pepsi on the passenger seat had exploded and the entire can of sticky brown liquid on the seat, door, Windows, ceiling and gear shift.  I just laughed.  Showed my coworkers and that evening cleaned it up.  I packed my carry-on with rescue remedy and haven’t had one.   Positive and happy interactions with the check-in folks resulted in the joyful news that my luggage is checked all the way to Japan.  And more friendly chatting with the flight attendant yielded a smooth and easy transition in Vancouver ahead.   Perhaps I am getting more relaxed in my travelling and the excitement is overriding the anxiety.  I feel one of the best things I have learned while travelling has been flexibility so perhaps it’s just all coming back like your favourite pair of jeans.  Either way….  I will take a calm and pleasant travel experience today.  
And the lineup begins and so does my journey.  Thanks for reading.  Wishing you all amazing journeys in your lives. In whatever shape or form they take.  


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