There’s an awful lot of prep that needs to be done when you’re preparing to leave the country for an undetermined amount of time!   From medical insurance to changing addresses, from immunization shots  and packing, cleaning, organizing and storing things to sorting and purging!  The preparations are a bit overwhelming, but I am very excited and am on the countdown – only ten more sleeps!   Today I did some packing, purging, and sorting with the help of my mom, got a new phone, changed my address, arranged for a storage unit for my bed & couch plus a few extras, published my facebook page, started this wordpress blog, exchanged texts with the friend I will be staying with in June and July, and cleared photos off my camera XD cards….    Its hard to find time to get everything done, but I have help and appreciate it from friends and family!  (Thanks, Mom)   It will all get done, and the excitement is mounting for sure!    I lived for three years in the northern part of Japan from 2002 to 2005, and can’t imagine the changes in ten years, plus spending time based in a large city on the main island.   Can’t wait!!!   Stay tuned……


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